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Irina Ivachkovets,

ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Massage Therapist




Book your ThetaHealing®-Session or your Massage online:

So good to have YOU here!

Irina_Startseite 3.jpg accompany people into the lightness of life and into their own radiance is a great joy to my heart!

I greet you warmly!

I am Irina and...

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ThetaHealing, Berlin Massage, best massage Berlin, LifeCoach, Lebensberatung, Traumatherapie, Heilung, Glaubensätze

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Theta Healing Berlin, ThetaHealing, Seelenarbeit, Lebensberatung, Life Coach, Traumatherapie, Traumaheilung, Heilung, Seelenheilung

You beautiful soul,

how wonderful, that you were led to me!

Are you currently searching for something new inside and outside that keeps calling you and strives for change in the most positive sense? Do you need support in the search for your soul path and/or would you like to dissolve what keeps blocking you in your life [patterns=recurring triggers, negative and limiting beliefs, old wounds and traumas]?

Then me gladly serve you and guide you with the wonderful energetic soul work ThetaHealing®

Important: You do NOT NEED me. Everything is within you. Also the knowledge for self-healing. Only you can heal yourself. Exclusively you. I do not heal you. My work does not create dependence, but self-determination. And I like to accompany you to remember and activate your power and self-healing power again. If you feel the call to do this, you are in exactly the right place, dear soul.

Or would you like to experience a beautiful massage that picks you up exactly where you are physically and mentally at the moment, releases your tensions and brings your body and soul back into harmony, then please click here: Heartfelt Massage Therapy.


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I am so happy to meet you soon, dear!

beLight ThetaHealing Berlin

You are precious.

You are wonderful. 

You deserve the best.

Let yourself be lovingly and effectively accompanied on your path of life by: ThetaHealing®

and mindful Massage Work.

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