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So good to have YOU here, dear! massage berlin, best massage berlin, classic massage, back massage, neck massage, pregnancy massage, lomi lomi

My inner attitude:

Massage work is love made tangible!!

Aloha! My name is Irina and

I absolutely LOVE to bring people into their radiance with my deep, mindful and emphatetic touch. 


Wonderful you!

how nice that you found your way to me!

In my meeting space you are welcomed with love, empathy, joy and gratitude.

For me it is infinitely valuable to meet you and to be able to serve you with my calling.

I am a trained, well experienced massage therapist (Classic Aroma Oil Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Sport Massage, Foot Reflexology Massage) and ran the successful Berlin massage studio "NICKERCHEN" from 2014 until June 2022, with a great team and with over 6,000 wonderful people as clients [here you can see our 2.791 reviews and here you can find numerous TV/Radio/Online&Print press articles (sorry, German language only) about my projects from the past].

After an intensive period of personal inner reflection, the decision was made to truly and resolutely follow my soul call and to gratefully let go of everything that did not serve it. The decision was made to again work closely, undisturbed and individually with the people who come to me. I look forward to welcoming you in my home studio and giving you the best treatment you deserve. I thank you for your trust in my energy space and my hands.

For each massage there is a short preliminary talk with a cup of tea, where we discuss your needs and the aim of your treatment together. After the massage, you slowly come back to yourself and have some time to reflect before you go your way again, with a smile on your face.:)

I am so looking forward to seeing you!


I am happy to offer you the following treatments from the bottom of my heart:


In classical massages, I tend to work with gentler touches and essential oils. These stimulate the well-being of the whole body and bring it into balance and calm. The massage loosens your tensions in a juicy way and relaxes the muscles. I work mindfully with your trust and create a space of deep relaxation and security. Your mind also comes to rest and leaves the stress of everyday life behind.

Tip: If you are experiencing noticeable tension - especially in your back and neck - please book a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, thank you very much.

Prices for Classic Aroma Oil Massages:

60 min - 80 €

90 min - 110 €

120 min - 140 €

Reaching the body in its depth
(Techniques: Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage):
(head, neck, back release)

This massage is dedicated to your back in all its detail. The back is first put into deep relaxation and then the tensions are massaged out. After the massage you feel lighter, freed and relaxed and have the feeling of having been grasped in the depths of the body.

60 min - 90 €

70 min/90 min 
Here we dedicate ourselves in detail to the whole body - the aim is to feel and release muscular tension and tissue adhesions (fascial -) using various techniques. This massage works in the depths of the body and creates a tension-relieving, well-blooded and relaxed whole-body feeling.
70 min - 100 €
90 min - 120 €
Massages for mothers-to-be

You are pregnant? Congratulations!:) 

Pregnancy is a wonderful, but also a challenging time for expectant mothers - certainly no news to you ;).

A pregnancy massage is something very special: it relieves the back, decongests the tissue and releases lots of happy hormones - which benefits you and also strengthens the bond with your baby.

I massage you comfortably on your side, so that the massage is possible until the birth. We discuss your individual needs beforehand and respond to them sensitively during the massage.


In principle, the massage is suitable for all expectant mothers who feel well!

The massage is not recommended for:

  • Severe colds, flu, fever, bleeding

  • Bleeding, premature labour or symptoms with other unexplained causes

  • Feeling unwell in the first 3 months


I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your baby bump!

Prices for "Relaxed into maternal bliss":

60 min - 80 €

90 min - 110 €

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE RITUALS - traditional massage from Hawaii,
full body

Effect of the massage: Uniquely beautiful, holistic deep relaxation of the body, mind and soul.

Borrowed from Hawaiian naturopathy, this enchanting massage technique serves not only to relax, but also to cleanse the body, soul and spirit, as well as to harmonise by dissolving physical and energetic blockages, among other things. It is considered the "queen of all massages" and rightly so! The touches are perceived as particularly loving and soothing.


Prices for Lomi Lomi Massage Rituals:

70 min - 100 €

90 min - 120 €

120 min - 149 €



That's how we come together:

Would you like an advice on the particular massage technique?

Please give me a call: 0179/5218320

For direct booking click here:​

How to get to my home studio:

Fritz-Reuter-Str. 11, 10827 Berlin (S-Schöneberg, Ringbahn & S1/5min from the station),

please ring the bell at "Ivachkovets" on the 1st floor, merci!

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Step into my loving energy space in the home studio:


I am so happy to meet you, dear!

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